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Sephiroth [userpic]
by Sephiroth (pure_lineage)
at June 29th, 2008 (11:44 am)

Who: Sephiroth, Barret, Vincent, Rufus,
Status: Closed
When: 7:45AM
Where: Just out front of the ShinRa building
What: Sephiroth, Barret and Vincent mosey their way over to ShinRa to speak personally to Rufus about ‘borrowing’ a laboratory.

It had taken a little longer than expected to make his way back towards the ShinRa building Collapse )

OOC: posting order the same as character listed under ‘who’ ♥

Monday, October 22nd [06:00 AM - 06:00 PM]
by thebrokenedge (thebrokenedge)
at June 23rd, 2008 (10:00 pm)


Sephiroth [userpic]
by Sephiroth (pure_lineage)
at June 12th, 2008 (08:08 pm)

Who: Barret, Sephiroth
Status: Open’ish Closed/Completed
When: 8:45PM
Where: Sector 4 – near the ShinRa building
What: Barret stumbles on Sephiroth doing his stalkerish thing ♥

Sephiroth, for once, made certain to keep a low profile after his abrupt meeting with Strife earlier that day. Collapse )

epitaph_npc [userpic]
by epitaph_npc (epitaph_npc)
at June 11th, 2008 (11:27 am)

Who: Reeve & Aurelius
Status: Open
When: 9:30PM
Where: Reeve's Office, Sector 4, WRO Building
What: Reeve receives a surprise visit from someone who is mortally wounded and on life-support. Interesting, no?

Perfect conditions. Perfection timing.Collapse )

Cloud Strife [userpic]
by Cloud Strife (stoic_heroism)
at June 11th, 2008 (11:08 am)

Who: Cloud & Yuffie
Status: Open~ish
When: 7:00PM
Where: Reactor 4, Old Midgar
What: Yuffie decides to do some unhealthy stalking on her desired man leader, of sorts.

Dingy run-down pipes of the reactor were a perfect place for stalkingCollapse )

Vincent Valentine [userpic]
by Vincent Valentine (repentingsinner)
at June 10th, 2008 (10:15 pm)

Who; Vincent, Charity
Status; Closed
When; 9:00 PM
Where; Sector 6, same road as Honeybee Inn (oh jesus)
What; Because if you walk far enough, you might come up with something.

i don't know how to live without my hand on her throatCollapse )

by epitaph_npc (epitaph_npc)
at May 29th, 2008 (01:19 pm)


The cool temperatures of the day carried through to the night as the sun disappeared. The cloudless night sky kept no sense of warmth on the planets surface, and those unprepared for the night frost would find themselves slipping on patches of frost that crept its way along the asphalt. Still there was a strange sense of calmness throughout the city of Edge, and despite the moonlight brightly filtering down; the streets remained barren of life.

newshades [userpic]
by newshades (newshades)
at May 15th, 2008 (12:38 pm)

Who; Rude, Elena, and Rufus
Status; Closed
When; 8:00am
Where; Sector 4, Shin-Ra Headquaters, Briefing Room
What; Shin-Ra discuss' the situation.

by → yuffie kisaragi (kisaraqi)
at May 13th, 2008 (05:17 am)

Who; Yuffie & Charity
Status; Open~ish.
When; 7:15am
Where; Somewhere between Sector Four and Reactor 4.
What; A chance meeting with an enemy, though Yuffie is hardly the wiser.

so go my little slaveCollapse )

epitaph_npc [userpic]
by epitaph_npc (epitaph_npc)
at May 13th, 2008 (06:17 am)

Who: Humility, Reeve, Lucrecia
Status: Closed.
When: 6:01am.
Where: Sector 4.
What: Following a busy night, Humility (with Lucrecia in tow) decides to pay Reeve a small visit while delivering the morning paper to him.

The remainder of the evening had been busyCollapse )

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